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We are a group of people who are trying to make their dreams come true! We started this platform in order to help other “dreamers”, like us, to live their dreams!
This platform is made to empower entrepreneurship and innovation, both of which we seek in new business project ideas.
Every user of the platform can propose his/her own idea of a project (as long as its innovative) and then either work on it with our team or other users, or on his/her own, with our help always available. If the user hasn’t got an idea of his/her own, he/she can ask to participate in any of the already existing projects that might have inspired him/her.
So the purpose of the platform is to help people advance their ideas, pursuit their dreams and at the same time help society by promoting innovation in the field of enterprises.
As the team of this platform, we really give priority to the innovation of the projects, so we do keep the right to judge every project proposal, by this standard (innovation) and also by the standards of the general idea which was presented above. Based on these conditions we will inform every user about the acceptance οr rejection of his/her project.
This platform, as it’s already mentioned, is all about helping people and providing ideas, so the use of it is free!


Τo connect people that will bring creative projects to life

Our Projects


E-commerce focused on retailing services.


Fitness search engine.
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Web Designer
Victor Lecomte
Full Stack Developer & co-founder
Panagiotis Loulakis
Law Advisor
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